Fling: A Service For Hobbies

This is a service and interaction design project I completed at CIID which explores a better way to get people into new hobbies.

What is fling?

Fling is an education service that lowers the barrier of entry to starting a new hobby or DIY project. It takes the commitment and confusion out of learning something new by giving you access to the most appropriate equipment and the best resources to teach you how to use it. Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to expand on an existing skill, we’ll deliver a kit to your front door with everything you need to get started. We pair this equipment with online video lessons and a community of learners to help you along your way.

Common problems people face when starting a hobby:


Upfront Cost

Because of the high upfront cost of many hobbies there’s no opportunity to see if it’s right for you without becoming financially invested.



When you buy equipment and it sits in your cabinet unused; it, along with your precious cabinet space, is going to waste.


Buy To Last

Should you buy a quality product that will last, or get a cheap model and upgrade if you end up using it frequently?


Service Blueprint

The service blueprint is a working document that evolved throughout the design process. What started as a series of post-its arranged on the wall in front of my desk became a step by step plan for the user’s experience with the service. It charts their journey from when they first hear about Fling to when they complete their first set of lessons and decide whether to purchase the equipment they rented. Along with the user’s journey the service blueprint plans what needs to happen behind the scenes to make the experience possible.

Focus on the experience: why can't we rent products the way we rent rooms?

I was interested in what kind of online options are out there to rent products like kitchen equipment. What I found were websites with endless warehouse style lists mostly geared toward catering and event planning. This sort of design is intimidating and in most cases a deal breaker for someone who just wants to make ice cream.


In comparison, when services like airbnb are renting you a room their site puts the focus less on the room and more on the experience of being in a new city. They show images of people in cafes and sun soaked cobblestone streets that remind you that the apartment you’re renting is just a means to and end. They understand they are renting an experience and their site’s design reflects that.

Landing Page

This is the first point of contact for the user. It’s designed to inspire them and inform them about the service and what sort of things it will enable them to create.

Individual Kit Pages

The kit pages are where the user explores the different projects that make up the learning process for each kit. This is also where they can reserve their kit.

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