Garmin Mantaray

For this short project I was tasked with designing not only a product’s physical features, but also the digital interface. The resulting wrist watch helps surfers find waves and look great doing it.

More time to enjoy the ride.

Surfing is unique in that finding the right waves is often more trouble than actually riding them. By taking the surfing-specific features of a tide watch and combining them with GPS capabilities like location, weather and surf conditions, the Garmin Mantaray significantly improves how surfers find waves, giving them more time to focus on the most important part; riding them.

Alarm Clock
Early surfer catches the wave

Often the most serious surfing takes place before most of us wake up.

Weather Forecast
Bad weather means big waves

Up to date weather forecasts can sometimes tell you more about wave conditions than a surf report.

Surf Report
Conditions at your fingertips

No matter where you go, you’ll always have an up to date surf report for the five beaches closest to you.

Heat Timer
Your companion in competition

This is your heads up display during competition, keeping track of time and number of caught waves.

Interaction Flow

Once the four main functions of the watch were established, the next design challenge involved how the user would navigate through the functions and their settings. Because the watch is designed to be tough and easy to use, the main interaction with the interface is through four side buttons. Screen wireframes were then drawn on sticky notes allowing me to quickly test different ways of displaying and moving through the information.

Interface Design

The high contrast monochromatic interface is designed with the sunny and active lifestyle of surfers in mind. It’s bold black and white graphics are meant to be easy to read on the beach or even in the water. Cycling through different locations will display the surf and weather report for the nearest five beaches in the database. The graphic style is meant to compliment the watch’s nautically inspired form.

Made for the tools you already have.

Many surfboards have fins that use a 3/32in hex wrench for installation into the board. To accommodate this, most surf trunks come with a fin-key/wax comb tool tethered inside their pockets. The watch is held together by these same screws that secure the fins to surfboards, making it easy to fix and customize.

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